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Alan Faustino – Tips for Catching Bluegill

Alan Faustino is a fishing enthusiast that enjoys everything from ocean fishing for tuna, to sitting on a stream looking to hook trout. Alan and many other fisherman are always on the lookout for new and better fish-catching strategies. However, learning how to catch more fish is a matter of understanding each individual species and …

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Alan Faustino – Excellent Physician

Alan Faustino has built a long and successful career as an excellent internal medicine specialist, or physician, in New Jersey. He took a long and winding path to become a physician. He started as a biology major at Radford University in Virginia. On a study trip to the Bahamas, Faustino was involved in a serious …

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Alan Faustino – Internal Medicine Specialist

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist in New Jersey. For years, he used to work with traveling celebrities and performers who came to Atlantic City and needed medical attention. He has been known as the Rock Doc for all of his work with rock stars and other performers. Internal medicine is a broad medical …

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