Alan Faustino – Tips for Catching Bluegill

Alan Faustino is a fishing enthusiast that enjoys everything from ocean fishing for tuna, to sitting on a stream looking to hook trout. Alan and many other fisherman are always on the lookout for new and better fish-catching strategies. However, learning how to catch more fish is a matter of understanding each individual species and breed. So the first thing that you need to do to improve your fishing game, is to pick a target species and master it before moving on to the next. One particularly good fish for the novice fisherman is the bluegill, as it tends to be easier to catch than other species. This is due to the bluegill being a bolder and more reckless fish than other breeds.

Alan Faustino

If you want to catch more bluegill, it is all about the kind of bait that you use. Fortunately, bluegill will basically eat anything under the sun, though some bait is more effective than the others. The best bait for a bluegill is live bait, as they like their meal to squirm a bit first. Crickets for instance, though not found in most bait stores, make a great bait for catching big bluegill. The bluegill seem to like it crunchy, so beetles are also very effective. Third on the list are wax worms, they squirm a lot on the hook, which is bound to attract a lot of bluegill. They simply cannot resist slow-moving prey.

Alan Faustino likes to spend time with his friends and family going fishing for fun and sport.


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