Alan Faustino – Excellent Physician

Alan Faustino has built a long and successful career as an excellent internal medicine specialist, or physician, in New Jersey. He took a long and winding path to become a physician. He started as a biology major at Radford University in Virginia. On a study trip to the Bahamas, Faustino was involved in a serious automobile accident that cost three people their lives. Watching those three people die after the accident caused an overwhelming feeling of helplessness that Faustino never wanted to feel again. He decided then that he wanted to become a doctor so that he could save lives.

Alan Faustino

Aspiring doctors need a minimum of eight years of schooling before they can begin their residencies, which typically last one or two years. A bachelor’s degree is required for anyone who wants to apply for medical school, as is a good score on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT). Many students choose to study premedical studies at the undergraduate level before they move on medical school to prepare them for the rigors of continuing education. After medical school, medical students have to complete a residency in which they work alongside veteran doctors in a hospital setting on a normal caseload of patients. Participating in these residencies can involve stiff competition, as young doctors jostle each other for the most advantageous residencies for their careers.

Alan Faustino completed his residency and additional training at several hospitals in the Northeast. He worked at the University of Pennsylvania Hospital, the Bayside Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts, and the Episcopal Hospital in Philadelphia.


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