Alan Faustino – Internal Medicine Specialist

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist in New Jersey. For years, he used to work with traveling celebrities and performers who came to Atlantic City and needed medical attention. He has been known as the Rock Doc for all of his work with rock stars and other performers.

Alan Faustino

Internal medicine is a broad medical specialty primarily dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in adults. These physicians are skilled in dealing with undifferentiated and multi-system diseases, working mostly in hospitals on complex cases. Many internal medicine patients are seriously ill and require long-term care, so most physicians work in hospitals, administering care to patients with often serious conditions or diseases. Physicians can also work in clinics or both clinics and hospitals although time constraints usually force internal medicine specialists to choose one setting or another. While internal medicine specialists treat a wide range of maladies, they are not to be confused with family physicians, general practitioners, or family practitioners. General practitioners treat a wide range of conditions and diseases, too, but their work is not solely confined to adults, as an internist’s is, and their work may also include surgery, obstetrics, and more.

Alan Faustino is an internal medicine specialist who wants to one day run his own medical company that helps doctors with tracking their patients with electronic medical records and IT solutions for medical facilities throughout the United States and beyond. His years of experience working with patients has given him a unique perspective on the usefulness and importance of easy access and transfer of medical records.


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