Alan Faustino – Believer in Electronic Medical Records

Alan Faustino has long been a believer in the effectiveness of electronic medical records. They are much easier to transfer and for doctors to use when recommending treatments or working with patients. Faustino is a veteran physician and internal medicine specialist and he knows how important the transfer of electronic medical records are to his job and in keeping his patients healthy. Before electronic medical records, a patient’s complete medical history was not easily accessed by doctors in real time. This caused problems at times for many different reasons. Now, patients can transfer medical facilities without fear of any handler losing their information at any time.

An electronic medical record holds all of the standard medical and clinical data in one place for the use of medical service providers exactly when they need it. EMRs are specifically designed to contain and share all the pertinent information in one place. This information can be recorded, consulted, and managed by authorized providers and their staff members to handle all of their patients’ treatment and insurance matters quickly and easy. This information can also be easily transferred between medical providers so that every patient can rest assured that their medical records and history are properly consulted and managed by everyone who needs to be involved.

Alan Faustino

Alan Faustino

Electronic medical records also help patients when they move or change providers within the same area. EMRs allow a patient’s medical history to go with them, even if they move across state lines. EMRs can be transferred to follow patients anywhere they want to go. It aids in their insurance processing, and can help with diagnosing potential problems before they are detected by a physician. They track data over time for every patient, identify people who are due for preventative screenings or visits that may head off problems in the future.

Alan Faustino created NextEMR to help physicians, patients, and healthcare providers with the data they need to properly track treatment plans and the complete medical histories of patients across providers and even different parts of the country and the world. Using advanced record keeping and cloud-based technology, NextEMR helps physicians make the right decisions at the right time for every patient. Faustino hopes that his company’s technology-based approach will spread throughout the industry and help physicians perform their work better and faster. He has worked in the medical industry for many years as a physician, and he knows the tools they need to do their jobs effectively.


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