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Alan Faustino is a doctor of internal medicine that also enjoys fishing when he has the free time. In order to be a better fisher however, one must learn their enemy. That means that catching more fish means knowing what fish you want to catch. Knowing the habits and feeding patterns, sleep cycles and preferred bait of your prey will make you a much more effective hunter. If you are trying to find more Bass for instance, you first should know that there are many different kinds of bass. Most people think of the iconic largemouth bass, but they come in many shapes and sizes, including the Choctaw bass, the small mouth bass, the Guadalupe bass, and even the white bass. Because of their popularity, this article will focus mostly on catching largemouth bass.

Alan FaustinoIf you want to catch a bunch of bass, the best time to do so is during the pre-spawn. This is known as the holy grail of bass fishing. The pre-spawn for the largemouth bass starts in the spring time when the temperature of the water gets to about 60 degrees on average. At this time male and female bass will begin to gravitate towards more shallow water, brining aggressive feeding patterns with them. An ambitious fisherman will use this time to fish by the shore, as there will be a large volume of largemouth bass in a feeding frenzy, prime time for some excellent fishing.

Alan Faustino has been fishing ever since he was a kid, and never gets tired of it.


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