What You Need to Know About Mahi-Mahi Fishing

Mahi-mahi also called Dorado and dolphin fish is one of the world’s popular gamefish. The fish is beautifully colored and is very tasty. However, catching is not as easy task as the fish will jump and fight hard when hooked. Mahi-mahi is found in abundance in tropical waters and grow to a maximum weight of about 90lbs.

Alan FaustinoWhat Tackle to Use?

Any medium weight tackle should be fine for mahi-mahi fishing. For example, a Shimano Trinidad 16N casting reel will be ideal. However, several times mahi-mahi is hooked with heavy tackle when trolling for bigger fish such as Marlin. Using a heavier tackle to catch a Dorado will take the fight out of the fish, on the other hand using a lightweight baitcasting rod to catch a 30lbs Dorado will show you the strength of the fish. You can use trolling lures that are meant for Tuna, Saltfish or Marlin to catch Dorado. You might want to watch out if you are using heavy lures, as the fish can jump wildly when hooked and could cause the lure to come flying back at a high speed.


Mahi-mahi or Dorado is an open water fish and can be found alongside floating debris. If you find any floating debris such as logs when you are deep sea fishing, you might want to check it out, there could be Dorado nearby.

What Bait to Use?

Dorado or mahi-mahi eat fish, so you might want to use traditional bait such as Pacific Mackerel or sardines. If you are fishing for bigger Dorado fish, you might want to use larger bait.

Alan Faustino enjoys deep sea fishing for mahi-mahi.


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