Tuna Fishing Tips

If you are planning to go tuna fishing, it means you have been fishing for a couple of years already, and you are experienced in deep sea fishing. Tuna fishing is a whole different world of fishing. The size of the tuna you catch depends on the season and depth of the water you go fishing in. Tuna fishing is a popular sport for many experienced anglers, and is also a great source of revenue within the fishing industry. Here are three tuna fishing tips you can use.

Alan FaustinoSet the Bait and Wait

Obviously you know that when you go fishing, you have to set the bait and wait. When you go tuna fishing, it is no different, you will have to be patient and wait for the tuna to bite. You should hook the bait to the nose of the fish and spread your baits out at different depths, this will make it look more natural to the tuna. You want to cast the shallowest bait first and then go deeper with each bait, this way your lines will not get tangled up.

Hold the Rod Firmly

Tuna fishing requires you to have a good grip on the fishing rod. You will need to use a pair of thick buckskin gloves, or you will end up having calluses on your fingers and palms. You must keep the fishing rod’s end always pointed directly towards the fish. Maintain a tight line and do not pull unless a fish takes the bait.

Winding it in

You will most need a couple of partners to help you reel your catch in. When the tuna bites, you can have one of the fishermen wind in the other reels and another help remove and store the other rods. When the fish bites, you will have to move your hooked rod to a mounted fighting swivel holster, and keep an eye on your catch. You will have to rotate the boat so that the fishing line is at a 45-degree angle and off the gunwale.

Your line will need to be extremely tight, especially for the first runs. Make sure you grip the reel tightly and keep up the pace until the fish shows signs of tiredness. Reel it close enough so that you can harpoon the tired tuna and haul it into your boat.

Alan Faustino is an experienced angler and enjoys fishing for tuna.


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