Alan Faustino – Hampton Roads Historical Attractions

Alan Faustino

Alan Faustino

Having lived in Hampton Roads, Virginia for some time, Alan Faustino is well-familiar with all of the things to do in the area. With one of the world’s largest naval shipyards right around the corner and also the sites of some of the first European landings on the continent, this area is full of exciting history that could keep your run of the mil history buff entertained for days. Below are some of the things you should do to explore the history of this area. Nauticus Nauticus is a museum off the Norfolk harbor that is built out of a former battleship. Standing afloat this ship are levels upon levels of displays and interactive areas that give visitors a glimpse of our country’s naval history. From old world battleships to the technologies of today, Nauticus encompasses a wide range of history on naval forces. Jamestown Known to be the first official settlement of the thirteen colonies, Jamestown sits alongside the James River, which can be entered though the Chesapeake Bay. In historic Jamestown, you can experience what life was like for the first Colonial settlers while also learning some of the survival skills that they had to adapt in order to settle there.


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