Alan Faustino – Benefits of Being a Doctor

Alan Faustino is a doctor and business owner who decided he wanted to become a doctor at a very young age. He was steadfast in setting his career path from there; he got good grade in his primary schooling and earned himself an education at Radford University in Southwest Virginia. From there, he went on to study at the Eastern Virginia Medical School and eventually earned his medical degree, which he used to practice inside medicine for several years. Below are some benefits to becoming a doctor that go beyond the title and the paycheck.

Alan Faustino

Alan Faustino

First, you get to make a positive and lasting impact on the health and live of others. One of the biggest rewards of being a doctor is helping cure people of their ailments and give them hope for a healthier future. Sometimes, this reward can be presented through the look of relief in a patients’ eyes; the looks of gratitude in the eyes of their loved ones; and sometimes both will present the biggest reward of this job. Second, you give a bigger sense of hope to future generations by helping cure and prevent the spread of diseases and other ailments that could otherwise threaten future generations. For more information visit at:


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